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February 19, 2010

Scroll Relief for Apple's Magic Mouse

Ever since I got Apple's wireless magic mouse, I've been conflicted about the touch-sensitive scrolling. It really works great, but horizontal scrolling can be a problem. In Design applications I use (e.g. Adobe Illustrator), the canvas twitches everytime I click. I'd turn scrolling off in mouse preferences, but that affects both horizontal and vertical scrolling (I *like* vertical scrolling.) Thus, the conflict.

Tonight, I was trolling the internet and finally found the solution. There's a post here that explains how to use a Terminal window to disable horizontal scrolling only. Turns out it works great!

For those less command-line comfortable, I wrote a small Applescript application that does the same thing. All you do is run the application; click the preferred setting; then restart your computer (or, turn your mouse off/on) and, viola!, settings changed.

Maybe there will be an official solution to twitchy scrolling, but in the meantime this workaround has made me a happy camper!

Click here to download the application for OS X. It's in a .dmg, so when you double-click it, it will open to show the application within. Drag the app to your desktop and run it.

Note: not to damper any enthusiasm, but I have to say the application works fine for me, but, of course, is supplied as-is without any warranty of any kind.

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