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June 2, 2007

DiggX, Hacked Firmware for the Digg Button (youTube and Instructables)

adafruit industries makes a very cool and simple electronics kit called the Digg Button. It's an offshoot of the Digg.com social filtering news site. The Digg Button just counts the number of times it's pressed, or dug. A measure of esteem. It's based on an Atmel AVR2313 microprocessor and the original firmware was published on the ladyada support site for adafruit. DiggX is my hacked version, available here. The .zip file has the "hex" file which can be downloaded to the Digg Button. It also contains the source files (in C) so you can mod my mod if you want. Opensource, of course.

It changes some behaviors and adds some features:

  • Longer scrolling and selfish message ("digg me" rather than "digg")
  • A short button press increments the counter and plays the "dug" animation
  • A long button press resets the counter to zero and returns to scrolling
  • A timeout after 2 minutes of no presses returns the Digg Button to scrolling (but doesn't reset the count) ... kind of a screensaver mode that helps attract diggers
  • A long timeout after 5 minutes of no presses puts the Digg Button into sleep mode to conserve power. Pressing the button wakes it up again

I've posted a short youTube demo at:

And, finally, I also created an Instructable (at instructables.com) that shows how to create a removable interface cable for the Digg Button.

Check 'em out.

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